Precast Wall


The prefabricated wall is fabricated in a prefabricated factory or construction site to form reinforced concrete slab-type components for construction and assembly, referred to as wall panels. The use of precast wall for the construction of large-scale buildings can increase the degree of industrialized and mechanized construction, reduce on-site wet operations, save on-site labor, overcome seasonal impact, and shorten the construction period. Prefabricated exterior wall panels. There are three kinds of facade panels, gable panels and curtain panels. The front outer wall panels are self-supporting wall panels, and the gable and crucible wall panels are load-bearing wall panels. In addition to the sound insulation and fire prevention functions, the exterior wall panels also have the functions of heat insulation, impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance, and anti-carbonation, and meet the requirements of architectural art decoration.

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