Precast Structural Wall


Precast concrete structure, English abbreviation PC. Prefabricated concrete components assembled by a variety of reliable connections is called a fabricated concrete structure. "Assembled shear wall structure" is a type of "prefabricated concrete structure", which is defined as the main force member shear wall, beam, plate partially or entirely made of precast concrete components (prefabricated wall panels, composited beams, composited board) made up of fabricated concrete structures. After the assembly at the construction site, the vertical connection joints between the wall panels are casted with concrete, and the vertical and horizontal wall plates are mainly connected by force-retaining steel slurry anchors, and the floor slabs are stacked together to form a unitary cast. The main force components that assemble the integral shear wall structure, such as interior and exterior wall panels and floor slabs, are produced in the factory and assembled on the site. Prefabricated components are connected together by cast-in-place joints, effectively ensuring the integrity and seismic performance of the building. Assembled shear wall structure can greatly improve the accuracy of the structure size and the overall quality of the house. Reduce the work of the formwork and scaffolding, improve construction safety, and integrate components through standardized production, civil works and renovations to reduce waste, standardize house types, coordinate modules, and have a relatively high area of house use. Save land resources, reduce on-site workers, reduce construction noise and dust pollution, and reduce construction waste and sewage emissions.

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