Testing & Commissioning of 2nd Generation MatrixDeck Production Gantry Robot Completed

MDM Group Inc. Ltd has successfully completed the Testing and Commissioning of the 2nd Generation Gantry Robot for MatrixDeck Production amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. The 2nd   Generation Robot comprises of a Robotic Gripper that has a set of multiple individual grippers that each grip and hold onto a Void Former from the reloader and a Robotic Arm that transfers the Gripper in order to place the Void Formers at the desired location on the panel.  Not only does this robot reduce the dependence on manual labor, but also enhances productivity while maintaining accuracy and precision of Void Former placement in the MatrixDeck panels making it a successful departure from the 1st Generation MatrixDeck Production Robot utilized previously.

2nd Generation MatrixDeck Production Gantry Robot Operation

Robotic Arm with Robotic Gripper of the 2nd Generation MatrixDeck Production Robot

1st Generation MatrixDeck Production Robot to be retired

MDM Group is now a graduate of the HKSTP Incubation Programme

MDM Group has graduated from the Hong Kong Science and
Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) Incubation Programme that helps startups
turn innovative ideas into marketable world-changing products and solutions.

To learn more about the HKSTP Incubation Programme from our
CEO, Mr. Billy Chu, please refer to the link below: